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12 weeks Next Start Date TBD
Investment: $850.00.  

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Product Description


Sales Success Group Coaching

Offered by Joe Gregory, The Sales Catalyst

Is this you?


  • Sales results are not where they should be
  • I Love What I Do But I don’t enjoy selling
  • Struggling to get new clients
  • Competing mostly on price
  • Losing too many sales
  • Dealing with prospects who can’t afford you
  • Wasting time on prospects that never buy
  • On sales calls, you get caught off-guard and don’t know how to respond appropriately
  • I’m just not confident at selling


Sales Success Group Coaching Program

12 Weeks to Become More Capable and More Confident at Selling

Next Program Start Date: TBD

A teleconference coaching program from the comfort of wherever you are. All calls recorded.

Commit to getting better and set yourself up for a successful 2018

Benefits include:

  • Become more capable and confident at selling
  • A cost effective way to increase your sales and income
  • Hands-on help with your specific situations
  • Learn How To Sell Without Looking Like The Typical Salesperson That Annoys Everyone
  • Obtain Skills and Knowledge that, When Used, Will Benefit You the Rest of Your Career
  • Learn what to say, when to say it and how to say it
  • Coaching on your specific sales challenges
  • Call is recorded so listen anytime
  • Unlimited Email support from Joe: your lifeline for the sales help you need
  • Power of group learning via teleconferencing

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For more details and to hear Joe coaching on sales challenges, contact Joe for a recorded version of his complimentary informational and coaching call.

Contact Joe at or 303-345-5370



  1. :

    Joe's 12 week program has been extremely helpful! He was very helpful in figuring out how I could have better wording with when and how to talk to my clients. Also, with exploring my mindset and how that applies to my process, and my business. I tried to get on the calls live, but was very grateful they were recorded so that I could go back to listen to them if I missed a call, or for the ones that I wanted to listen to again. I highly recommend this program for everyone that would like to increase their business.
  2. :

    After just a few weeks into the coaching program, I started to see a new momentum build in my business. During the last eight weeks of the program, I generated 2/3 of my annual sales volume. I was completely shocked at the results, once I started incorporating Joe's advice. I could go on and on about Joe's contribution to my business, but I will keep it simple. Hire him. You won't regret it for a minute
  3. :

    I've gotten tremendous value from this program. The strategies and techniques are great and then on top of that the role playing and coaching that Joe does demonstrates how to have relaxed conversations that produce results. I'm selling more effectively, being bolder in the process, and being more relaxed and therefore enjoying the process more because I've learned how to have these relaxed conversations. Thanks a ton Joe!
  4. :

    I received great value from this course. Joe not only shares his years of experience with us, but teaches us the psychology behind selling/buying and the power of the words that we use in our conversations with potential clients. I enrolled two new clients within a month of starting this program using the skills that Joe taught us. Highly recommend completing this course to enhance your ability to successfully connect with people!
  5. :

    I've been in sales for 31 years. I learned more about how to have relaxed human to human conversation with prospective clients from Joe's sales coaching class than any other school I've ever attended. Joe's philosophies and language skills bring the psychology of how our minds work and more importantly about what's going on in the mind of the client you're trying to serve. I review the recordings of the classes frequently in attempt to rewire my brain to this style of interaction. I highly recommend this course. It's PURE GOLD!! You're a true blessing Joe, thanks so much for your willingness to share your knowledge and experience with us :-).
  6. :

    I can not say enough about the great insights and information provided in Joe's program. The best money I have spent to help me make a breakthrough in my business. I truly appreciate everything that Joe brings to the table. His twelve-week program is an amazing value. I would recommend him to anyone in the world of sales that needs a tune-up or who wants to make a step (or two) forward in their business!
  7. :

    I have loved participating in Joe's 12-week course. The value he delivers during the 12 weeks is priceless from the ways he shares his many years of experience in the sales industry, the wording needed to take you through the entire sales process that works to build rapport and actually close sales, his heart-centered - not like the "Sales person who annoys everyone" way, his spot on one to one coaching during the group calls and his true desire to help you be successful in your business to name just a few. The next time he offers it, I encourage you to go for it because the investment is well worth it just to spend that time with Joe and receive his guidance and support.
  8. :

    This is an excellent program! Joe Gregory teaches the emotional intelligence and psychology behind a healthy sales process, removing mental roadblocks that lead to doubt, worry and muddled communications. His approach to teaching is entirely different than any prior sales coaching I have received. I am not a salesperson, but I do talk about and sell my own services. This course will help anyone who needs to sell a product or services feel more comfortable and confident. Joe's coaching also applies to many aspects of positive personal interaction, healthy head space, motivation and success. Thank you very much, Joe!

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